Technical Sheet

Exact measurements of the apparatus

 Length: 130 cm (4’3 1/2’’)

Width: 65 cm (2’1 1/2’’)

High cane height: 150 cm (4’11’’)

Small canne height: 81 cm (2’8’’)

Minimum measurements for the original act (with the high canne)

Stage of 2m X 2m (6’7’’ X 6’7’’) 

Ceiling height: 3,62 m (11’ 10 1/2’’)

Minimum measurements for the act with small cannes only 

Stage of 2m X 2m (6’7’’ X 6’7’’)

Ceiling height: 2,95 m (9’7’’)

Prop installation

Before the performance, 5 minutes is needed to adjust the prop on the stage. This can be done from a few hours before the show until just before the performance, according to the demand. If the event or show includes more than one performance, this setup only has to be done once.

 Type of floor needed 

Hard (important) and relatively straight.

Warm up 

A warm space is to be provided for 1 hour and 15 minutes before the performance.


The soundtrack of the act can be provided by CD/USB or in advance by file if needed.