Solo Acts

Aerial Silk - by Camille

          Aerial performance in elegance and flexibility. The long opalescent fabric does not pass unnoticed in a generous place in height, it fills warmly any space and transports us at any blow in a magical imaginary!

Aerial Rope - by Louis-Marc

          This aerial rope act demonstrates Louis-Marc’s musically and elegance. The originality of his apparatus allows him to create interesting images as well as new tricks. He is actually working on making this act longer, including more acrobatics!

Champagne Glass - by Camille

          A special collaboration with Dominic Lacasse, also known as the “Man Flag”.

        This cup of champagne is the ideal concept for a “5 to 7” where ladies and gentleman can admire Camille contortion, all with a real glass of champagne in hand! Being sexy or perfectly classy, available in animation or in a full act, this special collaboration is a guaranteed success.